Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Four Seasons?

Above: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

Who knows what the weather will be like in England in June. Some years it is warm and deliciously dry, leading to summer drought, other times cool and wet. In my view there is nothing more beautiful than a sunny, warm June day in England, with long hours of daylight. While we've been here, the season has slipped from Spring to Summer. When we lived in Dorset, teachers and students would often have a cricket match after school, lasting well into the twilight hours of 9pm and beyond. And then ...to the pub!

Today the sun is due to set at 9.22pm.

I'm off travelling (currently in southern England), and as I won't be taking any new shots of Sydney for a few weeks, and I've not taken a computer, I'm not sure I'll be able to post photos. So, I'm publishing some of my art works in the form of Artist Trading Cards. These small canvases are made on card of 69 x 89 mm dimensions (3.5 x 5.5 inches). They are made to trade with other artists, as the name implies. It is extremely bad form to sell them. Any medium can be used, but my preferred method of creation is by using rubber stamps and inks.


  1. Hope you're having a wonderful time catching up with friends in that glorious part of England. I am a Thomas Hardy tragic Sally & spent a good deal of my time mooching round the area in 1985, photographing this gargoyle or that church porch.

  2. Hi Caba: having a wonderful time, and like everywhere we have been so far, have brought the sun with us. Only a week to go and we will be off home....and I will be able to sit and reply to everyone who has sent lovely messages while I'm away.

    And sort the hundreds of photos. I won't be posting them on Sydney Daily Photo (after all, they're not of Sydney!), but will create a link for where to find them.

  3. Sally I hope the English weather is good to you. It's only when I go abroad that I appreciate how lush and green this country is in the Summer. I suppose it should be mind considering the amount of rain we have!
    Anyway have a great time in England.

  4. I love English weather (also because I love fresh -and wet- Summers) so I completely agree with you.