Saturday, 22 September 2007

Post Boxes, Sydney City

These brass letter boxes are in the wall of the old General Post Office in Martin Place, Sydney. The post office these days is reduced to a mere shadow of its former self; most of it is now the shell for a posh hotel. There used to be many more of the brass letterboxes. They were removed, but public clamour caused some of them to be reinstated.


  1. The particular shot brings back pleasant memories of incidents in a world [a different planet almost?] I'd forgotten. Thanks.

  2. Nice photo. Interesting too. The man looks dumbfounded.

    My photography over 50 years ago >Sendai, Japan

  3. Hi, Sally,

    I posted a quick hello a while back, I am a regular reader of your blog.

    I found out a few weeks ago that in fact I am moving away from Sydney, back to my homeland in the US. So these pictures are going to be even more important to me when I go, photos of the real, everyday Sydney in which I've been living.

    Thanks for the site!


  4. Oops - didn't mean to post this yet - I was doing it as a draft! So i've changed the date to make it Saturday's post.

    norman: my pleasure!
    abelincoln: one of those instant moment shots!
    ellen: thanks, and have a great return home. Come back and visit some time if you can :-)

  5. The thing that makes this picture special is the contrast of the staid, heavy old postboxes and the very modern cyclist. Old brass against modern aluminum. The blues and yellows of the boxes on the right and the cyclist are complementary.

    Since I advertise "the occasional rant" in my blog header, you once suggested that I should have more of them. My post today has a true rant about American football.


  6. Lots of your photos for me to catch up on Sally.