Thursday, 27 September 2007

Ben Chifley

A steel sculptural image of former Labor party Prime Minister (1945-49) Ben Chifley stands in Chifley Square. On the grid of cabbage palms, this replaces one of the trees. The image is cut from two flat sheets of stainless steel, narrowly separated by a truss. It is like a 2-D pop art image.


  1. Just catching up Sally on your photos. Love the Ben Chifley and the Chess Set in Hyde Park. As for Brooklyn - I have never been there and it looks lovely. Great place for a picnic with the kids. The Glebe photos are fantastic too. You really do get out and about!

  2. Hello Sally!
    Thank you for your visits my blog!
    Our days are shorter and shorter every day about 5-6 minutes.
    but I spent yesterday still a last summer day and swam after hiking a small hill. Water`s temperature was 10 degrees Celsius - it was very quick swim :)

    Have a happy days over there!

  3. The guy looks like Bing Crosby. Interesting sculpture, but I think I's prefer the tree. Would they have done the same if he wasn't a Labour politician?

  4. I do like it too! I wonder what those bullet shots are though.

  5. We went there but didn't know who was this man. We nom know!
    Thanks a lot ;-)

  6. thats a differen kind of statue. so unique.