Sunday, 23 September 2007

Chess in Hyde Park

I can't quite work out what the wheelbarrow was for, unless it was one of the park gardeners stopping for a look. The man with the arm crutch was very adept at using it to move his pieces.


  1. That looks great. I'd love to play chess with such large pieces in a park like that. Do you have to wait long to play? And do they play for money?

  2. I adore the great sets of failures where the players assemble on thechess-board

    And all the witnesses deliver their opinion

  3. I'd bet the wheel barrow is for transporting the chess pieces to and from the court.

  4. Lovely shot of a relaxing game.

  5. Hi,
    My name is marc and i am from the netherlands. I am the guy in the black/white shirt playing the guy with the sticks.
    The wheelbarrow is indeed to transport the pieces. (they r placed every day in the morning and picked up in the afternoon... Look at the bags under the seats, thats where they are go into)
    Ive played there for 1 year each day.
    No we never played for money and the wait is short as long as u say u wanna play. It was the best time of my life and i know all players that come there daily.