Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Holroyd Gardens 2

Holroyd Gardens is a new housing estate, built on the site of a former brick and tile making works, consisting of a shale pit (now a beautiful park), and a large complex of manufacturing buildings. The remains of the brickworks have been incorporated into the development and are a great example of urban industrial archaeology being married with the need to accommodate more housing. Please have a look at more of the the site photos at Sydney Daily Photo Extra.


  1. This makes for something interesting. Rusty gears. Used in so many ways in our lives I would never have guessed a tile works.

  2. des machines infernales, cela fait penser aux machines qu'utilisent François Delarozière dans ces spectacles.

    explosive devices, that made think of the machines which use François Delarozière in these spectacles.

  3. So, time is the designer there.
    Some changes to accommodate the machines with the places, when will be visible his work on humans? When humans will be rusty enough for this world?

  4. I am very interested in industrial history, so thanks for this.