Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Night at the Opera 3

The "sails" of the Opera House are covered with glazed ceramic tiles in an off-white colour. The main areas are glossy, with matt tiles edging each creates an effect such that the building shines but does not become mirror-like. They change colour according to the light.

The sail like "shells" are set on a podium which Danish architect Joern Utzon said was evocative of a the raised platform of a Mayan temple.

After all these years, and seeing countless performances there - ballet, theatre, opera, concerts, even the filming of the Carol Burnett Show, and Bette Davis live, it is still a thrill and "special" to go to something there. Sometimes I even get goosebumps. I love to get dressed up to go there, though it is by no means "compulsory". In Sydney's democratic environment, a glamour and diamonds can sit side by side with jeans and sneakers.


  1. One of my favourite buildings!

  2. One of my favourite buildings! There's always a new angle to see.