Monday, 9 January 2012


December 25 and Jan 8 - both good swims under different conditions. McIvers Ladies Pool


  1. Impressive change of conditions - two lovely photos. Aaaaaah summer in Sydney.
    Go Sally go, swim for me!

  2. You have shown McIvers Ladies Pool
    in very different conditions. Do people want to swim in the wildest weather? Are they allowed to? Those ropes don't look as if they could stop a swimmer from being washed out to sea.

  3. Am doing, Nathalie! Hels: not really that wild. More overcast, and a higher swell & high tide, so the waves were breaking on the edge of the rocks. If it were really wild there's no way I'd be in there! I got some pics and a video at another pool a bit south of here (Maroubra) where noone was swimming.

    I just searched: it was this time last year & was also called contrast! Hasnt got video tho. It was a real washing machine!

  4. I've never seen it rough like has always seemed so tranquil.