Sunday, 14 August 2011

SDP on tour...always a good start to the day

Cafe Le Weekend, 65 rue de Sèvres
The best way to start the day. Coffee and croissant at your "local". In my case "Le Weekend" in la rue de Sèvres. There is no shortage of experienced travellers who will remind you that it costs more to sit down rather than stand at the bar.

I agree politely and continue to pay for my seat-in-the-window where for the princely sum of approx 5 euros I can occupy my position for as long as I like, plan the day, and engage in that most Parisienne of activities - watching people. That's priceless!
I love that you can openly watch people; no need to pretend in some shy, Anglo-represssed way. Appraise everybody as they pass, make instant judgements, create their back-story in your mind. Two rules: keep your thoughts to yourself, and know that when you leave and pass the next cafe, it is YOU that is being watched. Come to terms with that, and you're sweet.

Oh, and here ------------>'s what happened next! Mmmmmmm.


  1. Great way you tell us your Paris time. Nice shots.

  2. So very, very envious right now!!

  3. Happened to stumble upon your blog and that croissant stopped me in my tracks... so hungry now :)
    You have a lovely blog...