Sunday, 1 May 2011

Theme Day: Mailbox

City Daily Photo contributors are posting mail boxes from around the world today.

Here's a modern delivers mail instantaneously from around the world....but it can't quite deliver the hard copy in quite the same way.....which do you prefer?

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  1. Good one!

    I still like the occasional surprise I get in the old mailbox & probably because it is even more rare than ever to get something other than a bill or junk mail!

  2. Sydney's silly Sally sometimes sends sincere syber salutations!

  3. I agree with Lily Hydrangea,it is very exciting in this age of emails to get a letter, especially if it's addressed in handwriting.

    Love your take on the mail box.

  4. I still like to receive real thank you cards in the snail mail

  5. Good point.
    Nothing beats opening a real envelope once in a while.

  6. Nice interpretation! Wish I'd thought of it, as we have no public mailboxes any more.