Monday, 30 May 2011

Help is available

"The Gap" at Watsons Bay in the Eastern Suburbs is a well-known suicide spot (according to Wikipdia, about 50 annually). It's a high sandstone cliff which drops to a rock platform.

Lifeline and the Black Dog Institute have funded this and other signage to try to assist distressed people to seek help.


  1. Nice gesture.

    I wonder if the sign has saved any lives yet.

    Am I correct in understanding that there are two competing numbers? (different organisations)

  2. Different organisations, yes.
    Lifeline is a secular organisation; the "Salvos" is the Salvation Army.
    I guess they co-operate in provifding an option and wider coverage?

  3. Very moving, very strong, this post.

  4. I think it's a scary place ! Height above sea and to think people get so down they jump !! John

  5. I agree. A former colleague and teacher activist did a year or so sad. So far in my life I have always found hope and optimism even in bad times. I hope that capacity continues....