Saturday, 30 April 2011

The largest......

Touted as "the largest IKEA store in the southern hemisphere...", due to open later this year.

Now there's something to contemplate!

Especially considering according to this list, Australia is the only country in the southern hemisphere with an IKEA. (Plans for New Zealand)


  1. Interesting list. I know that we have a lot stores in Germany, but after reading this list, it's the country with the most stores (45).

    One amazing thing: In a bookshop in Male, the capital of the Maldives, I found a IKEA catalog from Singapore.

  2. I'm not keen on the expected traffic snarls though.

  3. i have been told that ikea are not willing to trace if their suppliers are producing using timber from illegal logging sources in north asia and russia ... i know that they are not the only corporate culprit but if people really need to buy, i do urge them to choose higher quality stuff and keep them for longer instead of spending money on the cute looking cheaper stuff but throwing them away after 2 seasons.

  4. having said that, do they still have the a$3 schnitzel on the menu?

  5. I was wondering where this was going to be. Is that the old Penfolds site?