Friday, 1 April 2011

Theme Day April 2011 - Edges: The Edge Of The World

In 1642 Dutch mariner Abel Tasman made voyages around the Tasman peninsula, which he named Van Diemen's land, after the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies, In 1644 he mapped the northwestern edge of the land which became known as New Holland, and then Terra Australis.

A marble mosaic reproduction of Tasman's map is embedded in the main entrance foyer of the Mitchell Library wing of the State Library of NSW.  Tasmania must have seemed like the edge of the world to those from the Old World.

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  1. Terra australis, the end of the world ? Oh yes, definitely !

    See bibi's entry in Belgrade today, her post runs along the same lines.

    Nice to see you here Sally!

  2. Thanks for another history lesson!

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  4. Definitely another slant for -on the edge-

  5. Like this interpretation of the theme. HOw did you get the shot of the whole map, I've never been able to get it all in shot. The angle intrigues me.

  6. Great take on the theme, great image, great story! Thanks.

  7. I guess until the days of cheap air travel, Australia pretty much was the end of the World. I always admire people who stretch the limits on what is known. I love the depiction of the wind blowing. Paul at Leeds daily photo

  8. Interesting read, like you say, it must have felt like the edge of the world back then.