Thursday, 14 April 2011

Back from the photo shoot

I spotted this group on the rocks at the far side of Little Bay. They seemed to be engaged in a photo shoot. There were only 4 people, and it didn't seem to be a commercial shoot (not enough equipment), and didn't really appear to be a wedding either.

The whole thing had me rather intrigued, and I was even more curious when they emerged onto the headland from where I had been watching. I said "Hello" and hoped to ask them what was happening, but they looked blankly at me and kept going. I don't know whether they spoke English. The whole scene was very bizarre!

I have seen a wedding party at Little Bay beach before (click here), so maybe they thought it was a good idea at the time. They certainly didn't seem to be thinking so by the time I encountered them! The groom (if he were) looked rather bedraggled, they both seemed fed up, and after attending to whatever it was at the hem of her dress, he plodded on ahead of her.


  1. Weird encounter. They do look a bit tired. Tourists from Japan perhaps on their honeymoon shooting wedding photos at different locations.

  2. Very strange - I think the "groom" is more concerned about prickles in the wedding dress than he is about the "bride".

  3. I think it is the photographer trying to take shots for portfolio use to sell to 'real' wedding couples. I see a lot of them at Blues Point, definitely not a proper wedding!

  4. That's a great thought Ali - they certainly didn't seem to have any "real" connection. I have seen a GENUINE bridal party at Little Bay, and it was very different.

    HOWEVER, she was barefoot and he was carrying her VERY unsensible shoes - if they were a photo shoot, wouldn't she have come prepared to wear something a bit more useful out on the rocky headland? Very "ouchy" underfoot!