Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sydney Architecture Walk 4 : KIng George V Recreation Centre

What's "wrong" with the view through the arches?

A City of Sydney sports facility in The Rocks. Another controversial-at-the-time building. The City originally wanted a building reflecting the old,  brick buildings, but the architect chose instead to reflect the industrial heritage of the area.

As part of the development the mural was required to be saved, and it forms a striking wall of the outdoor court. It almost accurately reflects what is on the other side of the wall which forms part of the Harbour Bridge approach access. It was painted by Peter Day in 1983.


  1. This mural is very nicely done and its great that it was saved.

  2. Sydney's silly Sally showed some snapped sement semi-sircles!

  3. I've never seen the place so wet - the reflection of the arches changes the sports ground into a lake or river!