Thursday, 30 September 2010

Lucia's art work

Lucia says:
"Parks are the only real open-access areas where it is OK to stop and hang out, bringing noisy children and pets, eat messy food, become lost in deep thought and nap and, if one is so inclined, do cartwheels and stand on one's head. Thus, they are not just oxygen producing environmental havens for plants and those hardy animals that share the city with us, nor are they just pleasant places to inhabit, they are important breathers for the mind and soul within the urban landscape.

"This piece explores the different uses and users of this park and is a tribute to Prince Alfred Park as one of Sydney's earliest green spaces. Bourke Street Public School Year 2-3 class worked with me to make the fabulous spinning thought wheels - thank you Bourke Street Public."

Lucia Scurrah is driven by twin passions for textiles and environments. Her work explores the relationships between human forms, interaction and space. It can be quirky, colourful, ironic and performative. Lucia lives and works in Sydney, though some folky Latina influences come from a childhood in Peru.

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