Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ice skating, Prince Alfred Park

In 1959, a swimming pool and ice skating rink opened in Prince Alfred Park. The rink was demolished in 1993. I remmeber seeing Torvill and Dean skate there. As part of 2010 Art and About, the Oh Alfred project is decorating the fence around the park while renovations to the park are taking place.

Artists Tealia Scott says of her work: "The project has evolved to represent a silt catchment or stormwater fence, a filter catching memories of ice-skating and Alfred park. The collected plastics, industrial waste and textiles are stitched up in the gridlock of cyclone fence. Materials have been salvaged from dumpsters and building sites across the city."

Here's a terrific aerial picture of the pool and skating rink under cover, from the 1980s.


  1. The mesh on the fence gives an appropriately icy feel.

    Nice detail in the shots :)

  2. Oh Sally, what fun all this is. I just love this work.