Saturday, 22 December 2007

Yagoona District Brass Band

Yagoona District Band were playing Christmas Carols at Town Hall station today.

This is our second Christmas without dad, who was a great brass bandsman. Last year I posted this pic of the NSW Fire Brigades band as a tribute. I was pleased to see another band while I was out 'n' about today.


  1. The guy with the glasses looks like our postmaster! Great photo for Christmas, Sally.
    Hope yours is a happy one. Merry Christmas from he and I.

  2. Sally, happy holidays and best wishes for the holiday season for you and your family.

  3. Great shots Sally! Always loved bands...
    Sorry for having taken so much time to come back here, but I will not tell you about my last weeks… Anyhow, let’s forget all that; I wish you a nice holiday season and I’ll try to come back here to divert from less interesting tasks!