Monday, 17 December 2007

Chewing gum

Did you ever stick your chewing gum under a school desk? I was working in a school today, and note it's still as prevalent as when i was at school.


  1. Dear Sally,
    sorry for not commenting more often but I still visit regularly. This reminds me of the chewing gum wall in the UK, is it in London or another city? Yuk!

    No, I never chew chewing gum so I don't need to dispose of it.

    Loved plenty of your last posts
    - the tutus in the Hermes window
    - the metre vs. meter one
    - the two dressed-up girls for the Xmas party (sure you had a great time)

    Oh how I love coming back to Sydney!

  2. AND (I forgot) the fruit and veg shop. At the moment in Avignon we only get bananas, apples, oranges and mandarins so your summer fruit just send me mad !!!!

  3. Not that I rememeber:) But this as a very interesting shot :)

  4. Not that I rememeber:) But this as a very interesting shot :)

  5. Yes, I did that as a kid.

    Also, when we were young, my brother and I used to take our doodling and coloring to the underside of every table in the house. I don't know what the appeal was but we loved drawing stuff there.

    And my parents never found out about it.

  6. Don't chew gum. Hate seeing gum on the pavements - in the streets. Such a gross habit to just drop it.

  7. ...but much more colourful today - my old Juicy Fruit never looked like that!

    (and what sort of dyes go into gum today that can survive an hour of chewing and keep its colour? very scary...)

  8. naughty kids. Some things are the same all over the world, it seems.

  9. haha! this was why it is banned in Singapore!

    it's been a long time since I ate any chewies.

  10. kero: I am sure there is many a school teacher who wishes we had a touch of the Lee Kuan Yew's here!

  11. *lol* It's the same all over the world. They do it everywhere ;-) Interesting how multi-colourd the chewing-gums are.