Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Victoria Bitter

The beer bottle known as a "long neck". VB is Australia's most popular full-strength beer. It's one of the brand names brewed by Foster's. So next time an Aussie tells you they "don't drink Foster's" tell them they're full of it! What they mean is the Fosters lager with the blue label which is brewed and distributed overseas.


  1. Do you have beer with a big white topping (like we do?) or like the beers in England with almost no topping at all?

  2. We prefer to drınk cold lager. A good "head" (froth) ıs probably about 2 to 2.5 centımetres. More than the Englısh, certaınly, dutchıe!

  3. I drink Fosters lager...and I like to be full of it!!!!
    If you drink real ale in England then you do get a proper big white head!