Wednesday, 3 May 2006


Media release - 15 November 2003 (National Parks and Wildlife Service)

Families, picnickers, joggers and dog walkers were asked to count ibis numbers in their local areas to provide the first estimate of their numbers across the city.

Ibis numbers appear to have increased in recent years the city and suburbs, probably due to drought in traditional breeding grounds in Western NSW.

The ibis are native to NSW, where they follow water as it moves around the state's constantly changing inland waterways. They started breeding in Sydney in the late 1970s and are now seen evrywhere in parks.

I got up close to this one at Darling Harbour.


  1. Great shot and intersting info

  2. Great that it let you get so close to take the photo!

  3. Thanks bob and nicola. Yes, the bird had absolutely no qualms about me squatting down beside it. A real urban sophisticate, that one!