Sunday, 14 May 2006

Daisy, Daisy

When I worked in Sussex St in the city, this was the assembly point when we had fire and evacuation drills. Now it's isolated in a traffic island, due to road changes in the area necessitated by the cross-city tunnel.

Now THERE's a Sydney controversy : is it a road no-one needs to use? Or is it that people object to the hefty toll? Whatever, it's not carrying nearly the capacity predicted. Yet.

Whatever the issue/s, the state government is copping a hiding from the public, mainly due to its ineptitude with the Public-Private Partnership contract which saw it built.

What wikipedia says. And here's a blog.


  1. Very interesting sculpture

  2. Is it still the assembly point? I can imagine people running across the motorway to get to safety during a firedrill.

  3. No, it isn´t Louise. As you say, the traffic woul make that impossible!