Saturday, 6 May 2006

Imperial Chinese Ladies

These two young women were at the Chinese Friendship Garden in Darling Harbour. They are visitors from The USA, and were enjoying themselves immensely dressed up in outfits from the costume shop. They told me they hadn't intended to come to the garden today, but "had gone where their hearts led them".

Not my heart, but an airline is leading me to Hong Kong this afternoon, where somehow I think life is a little different these days!


  1. nice shot - got all confused then when I saw it was Saturday - only Friday afternoon here.

  2. Have a good trip Sally.
    I've put this here, not on TT because I haven't been able to post there for over a month.--Dunno why. I can log on etc but my posts just don't happen.
    I guess I should email Roman or something.
    Anyhow. Have a wonderful trip and keep in touch on TT.


  3. Greetings from Hong Kong, Bob and Colin, where Internet cafes seems to be few and far between, except where you buy a doubdle iced frappo-latte-cino at a chain coffee shop!