Thursday, 20 April 2006

The UFO Christ Man

People call him the "UFO Man" . One writer, Vanessa Berry, called him "the last of the sandwich-board prophets".

I used to see him in in central Sydney but for many years he has lived in a Housing Commission flat in Arncliffe, and that is where you can see him almost daily (mainly afternoons), on the footpath of one of Sydney's busiest arterial roads, the Princes Highway.

He stands pretty still - occasionally wanders back and forth a bit, or pivots to display his message to motorists from the opposite direction.

Yesterday I stopped and tried to talk to him, but what he utters is pretty incomprehensible. I don't know his name, just that he has been a fixture for many years.

His message? Isiah 66:15
"For, behold, the Lord will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire."


  1. Ive seen this man many times and have spoke with him once. It amazes me that this one man has been doin this for many years, im only 16 and every time we go past arncliffe, he's there. Yes i have read and gone through the bible out of curiosity, but i want to know, whats is this mans name, and does he have a family. I will find this out eventually. Im sure that he is very devoted and has enourmous amounts of knowladge about the bible probably more than any one could possibly comprehend. Im sure if people would stop being so narrow minded, and open up there minds in a new way, they might see were he's coming from. But from what ive seen a man of his age, and for the amount of times ive been to arncliffe, he's always standing there, watching, waiting. And to be very open and honest,I think every one has a right to there own oppinion, and from what ive seen in a very short 16 years, this world is getting worse, and worse. Im sure the world will come to an end, but not in your, or my life time. If what you have reported is true, about you stood out side the door, and he invited you in, and even if there were bibles on the ground, doesnt that, tell you something ? obviously he is devoted to preich he's word, theres nothing wrong with that. But I still have trouble believing that he actualy talk to intelligent life, yes i believe that we cant be the only ones living in this vast Universe. But until further notice, I think it would be very hard to explain alien life forms to the public. And just for the curious information of others, in the new testiment of the Holy Scriptures the word lord has been replaced by the name "Jehovah", and to be very presice Gods true name is Jehovah, and no i am not a jehovahs whitness, all forms of life have a name, I would just like to make this clear to the public. In the book of ISAIAH chapter 66:15 it states: "For here Jehovah Him self comes as a very fire, and his chariots like a storm wind, in order to pay back his anger with sheer rage and his rebuke with flames of fire" and Ill continue to verse 16: "For as fire Jehovah himself will for a fact take up the contraversy, yes, with his sword, againsed all flesh;and the slain of Jehovah will certainly become many".
    And now that you have all just heard the truth Ill leave You all with an idea on just what he ment, and remember, ALWAYS BE OPENED MINDED.

  2. there is a facebook group about him:

    "the UFO Man"

  3. Hello Sally,

    My name is Leigh, im a 21y.o. film student currently in my second year of study at UTS. Now, for a documentary class i wanted to cover a topic from my youth, and that is the Sandwich-board prophet from Arncliffe, the UFO/Isaiah/Christ guy.

    I was wondering if you, or anyone else who may read this blog, has any more information on UFO Man, whether it be articles, photos, video, art, fiction, personal stories/experiences you had with the UFO man, etc??

    It would be best for anyone with information about him to contact me at

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, and hopefully, through my research, i can establish who this UFO Man was. i think all of us would agree that this man, who seemed as interesting as he was, deserves to be documented...


  4. Here is a link to a newsite reporting the death of the UFO man