Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Lebanese pastry

This beautiful display of pastry is in my local cake shop, only about 200 metres walk from my front door. I've never tried one of these.


  1. What are they called? They look like donuts.

  2. "They look like donuts."
    or like Spanish churros.

    Beautiful photo anyvay, great colour.

  3. lorethian and piu: I am not sure what they are called, I forgot to ask. Think I had beter buy one and find out, eh! Research ;-)

  4. If the cake shop was that close to my front door I would be even fatter than I am now.

    Welcome to the Daily Photo family and Greetings from Greenville, South Carolina (USA).

  5. Im with Denton on this one! How on earth can you not have tried one? Great willpower?? :-)

  6. LOL. We usually buy baklava and similar - to tell you the truth I haven't noticed them before. I went in to ask if I could take a general pic for the blog, and spied them behind the counter. But now....will have to bring you a report.

  7. Research complete!

    Well, I asked the lady and she pronounced the name, which I repested a couple of times - it came out sounding (to me) like M'shah'buck.

    It is fried semolina, coated in delicately flavoured honey or some other syrup.

    It will be 3 hours at the gym now to pay for that! DELICIOUS!

  8. its great ,,
    its called ( mmshaback ) ,,
    i love it so much
    u have to teast it

  9. mamma mia! Now I am hungry!!!:-)

    I'll be in Sydney in the future...I would like to know the address of this shop!

  10. Beirut Daily Photo !

    Thankyou!!! And I got the pronunciation right - that makes me feel good.
    I ate two. Set back efforts at the gym by at least a week. BEAUTIFUL!