Saturday, 29 April 2006


This is another photo from the Sydney Morning Herald anniversary series in Hyde Park, published by popular demand!The caption reads, in part: "Most Australians grow up with the ability to work out when to run and when to stay." LOL

Bushfires are part of the Australian summer experience. Most are well away from population centres, but every year or so there are major fires which do threaten towns and the bushier parts of cities (eg Canberra 2003, Sydney 2003)These cricketers in Cessnock in rural New South Wales seem to be taking it in the stride, however!

Photo was by By Darren Pateman.

You can read more about bushfires and the Australian psyche here

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  1. G'day! Good to have you in the DailyPhoto family!

    Thank heavens you're moving into the colder season. No fires to worry about for awhile.