Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Anzac Day: My Dear Mother

Anzac Day, commemorating the contribution made in war. The date, 25 April, is the day when troops landed at Gallipoli in Turkey in the disastrous Dardanelles campaign of World War One. I prefer to think of it as a day not glorifying war but acknowledging its futility.

The card is one I made, featuring a photo of my grandfather, who was a soldier at Gallipoli and the Western Front (Flanders and the Somme). He survived, unlike many of his colleagues, who were either damaged and fractured, or slaughtered (the images behind him). Featured are copies of woven postcards he sent his mother (the card reads "My Dear Mother") and a photo of a poppy I took in the Somme, and 3 rubber stamps - Hotel de France, the 60s peace sign and a poppy.

Sydney will see the usual Anzac Day march, but I prefer not to show that - my grandfather would have nothing to do with it, just saying "War is a terrible, terrible thing and I hope it never happens again". He died in 1965.

This is my tribute to him.