Monday, 7 July 2014

Protest - Bust the Budget

Yesterday, Sun 6 July, protest marches were held across Australia in cities and regional towns.
Dubbed "Bust The Budget" rallies, they are in protest at the unfair cuts being made by the federal government. Almost no institution is spared: scientific research, the public broadcaster the ABC, students, schools, hospitals, the disabled, the elderly, the poor, the sick, the homeless, asylum seekers, women suffering violence...

The only groups spared are the very wealthy and the large corporations.

I love this home made sign....someone took the time to show he cares.

(Abbott is the Prime Minister - deeply unpopular, even though only elected last September) and Hockey is the Treasurer. Hockey was photographed with his finance Minister smoking a big fat cigar on the afternoon he delivered the budget in parliament....sort of symbolic of the fat plutocrat....


  1. Thanks for the explanation- I would have been thinking of the sport.

  2. I am a lecturer at a TAFE college. I realise that TAFEs are a state responsibility and not Federal, nonetheless the education dollar is being hacked to death. No doubt the states will cut out the surviving TAFEs, if their funds are cut and cut.

    Like you and the protesters, I find Abbott and Hockey morally repugnant. But not just because they are are conservatives (after all, over 50% of the population voted them in). Rather it is because they target and attack the poor, the elderly, the sick and ordinary working families.