Monday, 28 July 2014

Not Just A Number

Word sculpture by Alex Woof, Amelia Calantzis, Catriona Calantzis, Elleni Karafilis, Rebecca Luhur and Rosie Wood. It was displayed at the recent Living Laneways "Handmade" market at Rockdale.

Its creators say:

"The word sculpture began its life as a national Youth Week 2013 workshop in Rockdale City Library. Under the guidance of artist Kelly Pearce we discussed which words were meaningful to us.


"We ran our words through a barcode generator and over six sessions created four panels with our words and their corresponding barcodes. Barcodes turn everything including the authentic, the organic, the individual and forty-two into a number.

"Barcodes are everywhere. They're unavoidable. They can turn everything into a number....This is our way of reclaiming those words and their meaning."