Saturday, 1 December 2012

Theme Day - My Street

Taken on iPhone 4S 11pm
 Completley forgot about theme day, so I rushed out into the middle of my street a moment ago. It's a pretty non descript suburban street - individual cottages, some trees along the nature strip, cars parked outside house. The best thing about my street however is the corner many places have lost their all-purpose corner shops, or never had them. Feel a chocolate craving at 9pm - corner shop! Need milk for breakfast - corner shop! Forgot an ingredient for tonight's dinner - corner shop!


  1. This theme day is turning out to be so revealing (even if your picture is in the dark). I guess bloggers don't normally talk about their own little corners; and now suddenly we are all sharing what we like and don't like on our own street. Nice!

  2. I'm always popping out to the corner shop!

  3. I've never lived on a street that had a corner shop. We do have a large supermarket close by that stays open till late though