Monday, 17 December 2012


iphone 4S 17 Dec 2012

Back in "the day" (well and truly before my day...) people used to gather in front of electrical shop windows to watch that marvellous new-fangled gadget, the (cathode ray) television.

TV came to Australia in 1956, in time for the Mebourne Olympics. Colour arrived on 1 March, 1975. In 2012 there's a whole new world of web-integrated TV, HD, LED, LCD, SmartTV, Blue-Ray, gaming, WIFI.....

And ion the 6th floor of the Myer department store in Sydney, you can settle back on a comfy leather sofa to contemplate the cricket, and your next purchase.

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  1. I remember exactly where my brothers and I were on the day the first television started (in 1956).. and what we watched. It was Noddy and Bigears, and I was entranced!