Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Some very big boats!

The Maxi yachts set off first. Don't want them mowing down the smaller craft! They are so fast! They have to go 1 nautical mile out past the Heads before turning south.

I don't know a single thing about yachts, specifications and all that - if you are interested have a look here at the official site.

I am interested in who owns and races these magnificent looking craft.
Brindabella won in 1991 and 1997. She's owned by engineer Jim Cooney, who builds sustainable energy wind farms and campaigns against toxic plastic rubbish in oceans. Read more here.

Lahana - another 30 m (100 ft) maxi. See more here. Owned by Peter Mallard and John Honan, skippered by Mallard.

Loki Owned and skippered by Stephen Ainsworth, a businessman at Cotton Seed Distributors. Read more here.

Living Doll, Scarlet Runner and Ichi Ban lining up to leave the Heads
Living Doll's website. Owner and skipper, businessman Michael Hiatt, imports fashion clothing, including the Living Doll label from China.

Scarlet Runner is owned and skippered by Robert Date, a Melbourne businessman, owner of a company manufacturing and importing diesel generators, engines and other equipment. More about Scarlet Runner here.

Ichi Ban is owned and skippered by Matt Allen, a former Commodore of the Crusing Yacht Club of Australia, which runs this race.

The line-up out of the Heads


  1. I would not like to be squashed into a small space with a whole lot of other sailors, hauling sails and scrubbing decks. But the look.... oh the look....the yachts, the water and the sky all look fantastic. Quintessentially Boxing Day!