Tuesday, 6 December 2011

the best of perth by k.m.s.e

I wondered why this was called "the best of perth". So Google to the rescue (in the absence of a catalogue). I found this on You Tube, with the following description: "The piece would be active from 6.30pm to 10.30pm every day, displaying Perth's sunsets for the duration of time. In the remaining time the T.V. would be off with only the reflection of those passing by shown."

It was after 6:30 am when I happened by, but I saw no sunsets, just me! Still, you can see it here on You Tube.

k.m.s.e was formed in 2009 by artists Kate Parker, Marwa Fahmy, Stephen Genovese and Elizabeth Marpole. The collective studied together at Central Institute of Technology in Perth, graduating in 2010 with an Advance Diploma in Contemporary Arts and Crafts. (from here)

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  1. Ah it was probably off because it says it's only on between 6.30*pm* to 10.30pm. Not 6.30*am* :P