Thursday, 1 December 2011

simply black and white by Alan and Julie Aston

I am sure that if these zebras could think they'd be wondering as much about the "mad joggers" who pound along the walkway between Bondi and Tamarama bright and early every morning.

This year there was a bit of fierce letter-writing to the Sydney Morning Herald about the mowing down of sculpture-viewers by joggers who feel "ownership" of the path and let no-one get in their way.

Back to the zebras....according to Wikipedia: "
In 2010, Canberra artists Alan and Julie Aston installed a herd of zebras on Lake George, adjacent to the highway stop commemorating Kevin "Dasher" Wheatley VC, used as a "Driver Reviver" site. They were named Stopper, Reviver, Survivor, and Dasher. They were a sensation, but the Government of New South Wales ordered that they be removed, following a complaint from the leaseholder of the land. They reappeared at Floriade, Canberra in September 2010, along with a baby, George. And now they've visited Bondi!

Today is City Daily Photo Theme Day: Action shot.
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  1. Sydney's smart Sally spotted several spectacular slope-side silly striped sculptures!

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  3. That's a clever shot for Theme Day! I thoght I was looking at the real thing for a moment.

  4. The stripes on real zebras are unique, like fingerprints. It looks like the artist has made the stripes on these zebras unique as well.

  5. They looked very realistic from a distance when they were on Lake George. We had the kids believing they were real for a while :)