Sunday, 9 October 2011

Art and About ... Deconstructing Ways by Isidro Blasco

Deconstructing Ways on the corner of Mullins Street and Market Row. This installation "creates a parallel world for your imagination to step into. Another option to the usual route appears - distorted, but strangely more real than the street you are standing on."

You do feel as if you could walk into it. At first I thought the car coming out of Market Row had spoiled that snap and I'd need to take more, but when I looked at it on the computer, decided it actually "made" the photo! It hides the disjuncture at the pavement level.

The photo below reveals more of how the work is located and constructed. It's like a movie set - all facade and perspective, mounted on a wooden backing scaffold.


  1. This is the one I really want to see and another one I couldn't find. I know I was somewhere near.

  2. Just opposite the York St side of the QVB.

    You need Google maps on iPhone or similar!! There's also an Art and About app with maps!