Monday, 14 February 2011

A little rest

Sydney Daily Photo is taking a little holiday. It's been nearly FIVE years, even posting in advance when I've been away, and I'm just in need of a breather and some fresh ideas.

My Swimming blog has been neglected and I want to spend some time 'curating' it and using stock I have.

So why not have a look here, at Swimming?

I'll be back when I have something to show and tell. Thanks to all my followers, and to everyone who has made comments over the past almost-five-years!



  1. Solong, Sayonara, Sydney's swimming Sally!
    See Sally soon!
    :- )

  2. Hi Sally, nearly three years that I follow your blog, with some delay sometimes because I traveled. Your blog is always an inspiration.
    Hope to see you back, soon.

  3. looking forward to seeing more of your swimming stuff Sally - your swimming blog was one of the ones that got me into blogging in the first place! so thanks!

  4. Look forward to seeing you back again. Hasta luego!

  5. phew! relief from all of my jealousy!

    oh wait ... the swimming blog arghghghghghghghghgh!!! - still jealous

  6. I love the material in this blog, but I know how exhausting it must be to keep it up daily. So why not make this blog Sydney Weekly Photo?

  7. Enjoy the break and come back to blogging refreshed. Thanks again for inspiring me to join the photo blogging world.

  8. Dear Sally:

    Many happy wishes on your well-deserved break. I have been following your blogs almost since the beginning and I will continue to follow your swimming blog, which is really wonderful. So, thanks for all the wonderful glimpses of life in Sydney.

    Brad Baird
    Salt Lake City, Utah

  9. Even tho I have not been as steadfast in the past few years, I have enjoyed your blog very much. Come back now and then to visit. PS. Love your suit!