Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Champagne Pools, Fraser Island

Reposted from my swimming blog.

You can't swim at the magnificent beach along the eastern coast of Fraser Island (sharks, deadly sea snakes, currents....), but these natural rock pools are a gorgeous place for a dip.

They are natural fish traps, used by Aboriginal people.

Waves crash over the rocks, creating 'champagne bubbles".


  1. Is Fraser Island famous (or infamous) for anything?

  2. I wonder if sharks ever get into those pools? I am too much of a land lubber to explore anything I can't see the bottom in.

  3. I'd heard of the champagne pools before but have never seen any candid shots of the place before. Thanks for that !

  4. Hels: Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, home to the purest strain of dingoes, and on the world heritage list. It's unique and beautiful.

    Abe - you CAN see the bottom - it's sandy! As fish get trapped there, I assume a shark could, but I am not aware of sightings there.

  5. Impressive pictures!
    Dear Sally, I have borrowed the small picture of the monument, International Mother Language Day, in Sydney, to my blog! I hope that's o.k with you? (I have put a clickonthepicture-link to your blog.)
    Some people are swimming in the sea all the year around here in Greece, but most of us has to wait about 3 months until we can take a dip...
    Have a nice relaxing week!

  6. Beautiful pictures of this fantastic place