Sunday, 27 February 2011


Mega yachts belonging to the mega wealthy require lots of crew to keep going. There wasn't a lot of activity as we wandered around the marina at Rozelle Bay.

The young man above was working on the Xanadu, belonging to John Symond of Aussie Home Loans fame (I found that out later through the power of Google - we didn't ask him who the owner is).

There was a bit of activity around the Flying Fish, which unlike the Xanadu, is available for charter if you fancy a bit of a taste of luxury. it will set you back $12,000 for a single 24 hour period for up to 8 guests. (included: boat hire, crew, fuel, soft drinks, orange juice and meals. Alcohol charged on consumption.)


  1. People who own boats say it's a great way to throw away a ton of money...

  2. I could never afford that sort of money, nor would I want to spend it on a 24 hour luxury cruise, even if I did. But the idea of sailing out on the crystal clear waters on a hot, sunny day is irresistible *sighs happily*