Thursday, 25 March 2010

Skittle Lane

Skittle Lane - where it looks like the cyclists have already been skittled!
The lane, between Kent and Clarence Streets was where wharfies and soldiers once enjoyed beer and skittles. The name was suggested by Sydney city historian, Shirley Fitzgerald.

It is now waiting for a make-over, with public art, cafes and small bars to be encouraged.

Pyrmont resident Glen Wall has pleaded with the council to restore the cobblestones in Skittle Lane and for contractors to sensitively maintain the lane’s heritage.

It was a place of boarding houses, pubs, and "nefarious activities", and by 1879, a skittle ground between two pubs, the Star of Peace and the White Hart.


  1. If the restore the cobblestones, I hope they put in some smooth bricks for the bike lane, as riding a bicycle over cobblestones would not be very pleasant.

    By the way, on our travel photo site this week we have posted photos of Uluru form your country.

  2. I don't suppose Skittle Lane will be restored to house the nefarious activities' when it is completed.

  3. I like this! Skittles in this country (USA) are candy that competes with M&Ms... :)

  4. Cobblestones? Don't think I've stumbled on that one.