Thursday, 18 March 2010


This beautiful sandstone building in Bligh St is home of the Lowy Institute for International Policy. It was originally the "New South Wales Club" - from 1886 to 1969 when it merged with the Australian Club, an exclusive "gentleman's only" club.

The Lowy Institute website says: "It is classified by the National Trust and listed for permanent conservation under the 1976 Heritage Act - one of the first buildings to be saved from demolition under the Act. It is the finest Italian Palazzo façade surviving from the Victorian period in Australia.This classic sandstone building built of Pyrmont brick joinery, slate roof and fine Victorian interiors was designed by William Wardell, one of the most distinguished architects of his time."


  1. It's a beautiful building! I really love the color of your sandstone. And the iron sculpture is gorgeous too!

  2. The lamp post is fantastic but what happened to the lamp?
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  3. Sandstome building is really beautiful it is one of the famus building in Australia that place is counter part of some tourist spots in the Philippines | top tourist destination in the Philippines .... that attract tourist.