Thursday, 1 October 2009

October Theme Day - Contrast

When I was sick recently, I was mucking around with my camera while I was in bed.

Hanging in my window is a "Pace" (= Peace) flag I bought in Italy in 2003 - a protest against the war in Iraq. It is behind a lace curtain. Sitting in front of that is a stack of books, yet to be read, on top of the jammed full bookcase.

Now, I love how this photo turned out - the contrast in light and shade, the contrast in how I was feeling and the joy of the colours.

But another reason I have chosen it for today is because it is October 1, and our airwaves are full of news this morning that it is the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. That's great, no problem in itself. But how will it be celebrated? With a giant military parade, exhibiting all the biggest-dick war weaponry that can be mustered. A "celebration" from which the actual people are banished as they are told to "go home and watch it on TV." The antithesis of my humble Pace flag.

Put away the toys, boys. Yes, all of you! That means you too....

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  1. Great theme day photo. Often the best ones are the outcome of messing about. i like how the lace curtain makes a pattern on it.

  2. I do wish you wouldn't make me laugh so much over my breakfast. The dogs don't like it! Fab post Sally, super photo with all those contrasts and ditto your commentary of course. Put it away!

  3. Right on, Sally. Great post for theme day!

  4. You are so right! Lovely choice.

  5. Don't hold back Sally, tell us how you really feel (smile) .. you enjoy the pace flag post I shared about a year ago .. I followed the post up with a red, gree, blue, and yellow post in the following days.

  6. I very much enjoyed both your photo and the commentary!

  7. I loved this post for several reasons.

    My wife (Julie of Scottsdale Daily Photo) and I also bought several of the "pace" flags in Italy in 2003, right during the Iraq war. We have seen them in some other places in the world at other times.

    We gave them to her family, as that is also her last name. In English her name is pronounced with a long a and silent e. In Italian, it is pronounced with two syllables pa-che. We use her name when making restaurant reservations, as it is easier than mine, but in Italy we pronounce her name pa-che, but the restaurants sometimes do not believe that is her real name.

    Pace to you for your wonderful message and photo.

  8. excellent photo and we have one of those special Italian flags also. great choice for theme day

  9. Peace and you, me, and the whole world!