Friday, 9 October 2009

Ashfield Park palms

Ashfield Park is one of Sydney's traditionally laid out parks, commonly taking up space where two streets would normally be. When these suburbs were laid out in the 19th century, a park was usually provided.

For the next few days we'll see what we can discover in this park. First stop will be along the avenue at that sculpture just visible on the left in the middle distance.

I've already shown some scenes from this park in earlier days, so let's linger a little longer.


  1. They look fantastic. We had palm trees running along our street until they were ravaged by disease.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  2. Do you know when Ashfield Park was laid out? I was thinking of Catani's park design in St Kilda ( but 1906 might have been too late for a valid comparison.

    The concept of planning Garden Suburbs might have been British, but we got onto it quickly and with enthusiasm!


  3. Great shot! Picture looks really awesome . Always the weather wear a green gown .

  4. That's a lotta palm trees. Really impressive.

  5. These are gorgeous and dramatic palm trees. I love this shot.