Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Bedlam Bay - a series 01

The bay was named after the mental hospital (known then as a 'lunatic asylum') built near it in 1835, which was named after the English asylum Bethlehem, corrupted to Bedlam.

We'll have a closer look around over the next few days.


  1. Ooo ... this is gorgeous, Sally. I would love to live in a hut like this ... except when the wind roars!

  2. Sydney's smart Sally spotted some small seaside ships.

  3. Nice old boathouse and dock, it makes a very interesting picture.

  4. Nice captures Sally ! Story is really informative .

  5. Hey sally ..

    That's an amazing picture of the boatshed.....I'm currently trying to assess the significance of the boatshed at bedlam bay and was wondering if you know some more about it history or its current uses. Or if you know members of the community that still use it?..(I know that the boatsheds currently being used by the Bedlam bay boat club...but unfortunately cant find any more information out there).
    Would really appreciate any info...