Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Robert Brough Memorial Fountain, Sydney Hospital

From the Colebrookdale (UK) factory, installed near the Nightingale Wing in 1907 and dedicated to the memory of (Lionel) Robert Brough. The design comprises a group of brolgas surmounted by black swans displaying their crimson beaks.

Robert Brough (1857 - 1906) actor, was born in England and made his debut there as a comedian in 1870. In 1885, he and his actress wife, Florence Trevelyn, travelled to Australia where their combined talents, particularly in the field of musical comedy, endeared them to Australian audiences.


  1. Very smart fountain with birds! Thanks for sharing photo.

  2. Really very lovely. And unusual.

  3. Very pretty fountain and quite unusual. The yellow basin is porcelain or glass? It sure doesn't look like it's just painted stone or concrete. And I must say that the building behind it is just as gorgeous!