Friday, 24 April 2009

Happy Birthday to me - Continued

Sydney. What's iconic about Sydney? Yesterday was about people. Today is about THAT bridge, and some of the shots I've made of it over the past three years. (That one in the bottom row with the lamppost is taken ON the bridge) of that other distinctive Sydney shape.

And because it's Skywatch Friday, there's lots of sky in there to enjoy. We don't have too many cloudy ones, do we? According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology climate stats, we average 133.3 cloudy days a year, so 36.5% of days. Well, must be I don't point the camera at the bridge on too many of those days! (By the way, only 100 days on average - 27% - see 1 mm or more of rainfall; winter and spring have the lowest rainfall, summer and autumn the most. Get the full story here.)

Click on the photo to enlarge if you wish.

And while you're at it, click here to see skies around the world.


  1. Isn't that impressive. I hope you are very proud of your view on the city icon(s)!
    3 years - now I am very impressed. It's a termendous commitment esp. when so beautifully done, day after day! Thank you - it really has been pleasure to be able to get to know Sydney and lots about you too.

  2. Awesome compilation of photos. Sydney is a beautiful city and I hope to visit one day.

    And happy blog birthday!

  3. Happy 3rd Anniversary, Sally!!

    WOW, three years. How our little girl has grown. :-)

  4. What a perfect potpourri of Birthday Wishes! A work of arts this collage represents!

  5. Happy birthday from Paris !

  6. ***CONGRATULATIONS*** Sally, what a great city and so many beautiful photos.
    thanks for the invite, i'll join the party =).
    best wishes

  7. Happy Birthday Sally, hope you have a fantastic day. Great collection of photos by the way.

    Regina In Pictures

  8. Wow a lot to be proud of here

  9. I love this birthday series, Sally. Yesterday - people, today the bridge - the bridge and blue! So much blue. Can't wait for tomorrow's collage.

  10. Bonjour Sally! Wonderful collages! Congratulations for your blog's birthday, 3 years, wow! It's always a great pleasure to visit your beautiful city. I want to go in Australia again!!!

  11. What a marvelous collage!

    And happy birthday to your blog!

  12. Three years already! Well done Sally! Thanks for the SHB collage, brings back lots of fond memories of course.

    Thanks for your visit in Avignon and to answer your question, no, these wooden crates are not strong enough to make billy carts, they can carry up to 5-8 kilos that's all. I've seen real sturdy wooden crates on farms and these can take up to 15-20 kilos of fruit, but I haven't seen kids using them as toys. The Nintendos of this world have taken over...

  13. I like this collage and the one yesterday.

    Such wonderful places, so different from where I have lived. The Hamlet of Gordon, Ohio is where I was born and raised and it is how small hamlets used to be and this one still exists.

    The Hamlet of Gordon

  14. Wow what a party! No I really couldn't have ANOTHER glass of Champagne, that was fab! The cake too............ love the collage hanging in the hall... ;) Happy Birthday! x

  15. Hi Sally,
    Happy 3 years of you. Go on like this. Thanks from Kocaeli Daily Photos. Bye.

  16. Hi Sally,
    Happy 3rd anniversary for SDP!
    Your compilation photos are very impressive. Kudos!

  17. Two quite wonderful collages, Sally. Three years is a lot of effort. Well done!

  18. Sally, Sally Bo Bali, Banana Fana Fofally, Fi Fie Mo Mally, SalLY! Huge congrats on your third blogoversary. I particularly like that you split yesterday and today's views down memory lane into people and place shots. All I know of Sydney I have seen through your lens, and to some extent Nathalie's when she was there. Yours is a city I very much want to visit from all that I've seen in your shots. Thanks not only for wonderful photos, but some of the most interesting and involving commentary in all of CDPBlogdom. You are a peach and spread a lot of joy and friendship around the globe. Happy to know you! Here's to a wonderful 4th year chronicling your gorgeous Sydney.

  19. Happy Birthday!
    I challenge you to do a bridge walk or maybe you have already, would be fun, although I don't suppose a camera could be taken along.doh

  20. G'day Sally, sorry I'm late - even though I validated the news saying that you were celebrating your 3rd year anniversary in the CDP portal!

    Congratulations, I know what it's like to post a photo a day for 3 years!! And I'm even more sensitive to your post that I now know what the Sydney bridge looks like.

    A bientôt.