Monday, 22 December 2008

Park Gates Sydney Sandstone Tour Part 14

Arncliffe Park was originally a Chinese market garden, the property of Kim Too. In March 1889 it was officially proclaimed as a public park. It is bordered by a sandstone fence and entrances.


  1. That's very nice! What is the weather like there right now???

  2. You get a mention on Monte Carlo DP today!

    Impressive entrance. Just the size of those blocks and imagining the weight....I'm thinking of this cos we are building a wall here at the moment to enclose a new olive. The oleander you probably don't remember in front of the terrace died...

  3. So many parks in Sydney have similar entrances - must have been the style of the era. I can only surmise that at one stage, sandstone must have been relatively cheap and easily come by. Sure isn't nowadays!