Tuesday, 23 September 2008


One of the native harbingers of spring is the wattle. This is golden wattle (acacia pycnantha), Australia's floral emblem. It was introduced to the northern hemisphere in the 1800s.

Wattle is sometimes called "Mimosa", and in fact my house name is "Mimosa" (it had that name from when it was built about 100 years ago)

September 1 is officially designated National Wattle Day (I'm a bit late this year!). Australia's sporting colours are green and gold, apparently derived from the wattle.

Wattle, though not specifically the Golden Wattle, is also depicted on the Australian Coat of Arms.


  1. Somebody may correct me but I don't think this grows in California -- which is weird because almost everything has been introduced here and all of it grows well in this climate.

    I really like those puffy little yellow flowers. Do they have a nice fragrance?

  2. Oh lovely - I adore the wattles of Australia. Makes me realise we are coming into winter and it'll be a long time to spring.

    And yes, well spotted on Menton DP. It was indeed the balcony with the dog that we saw in Gorbio!

  3. Interesting. This looks nothing like what we call mimosa here. Our mimosas have pink, fluffy blooms in early summer. We had a big one in our front yard when I was growing up.

    Both types look very lovely!


  4. This is an interesting plant. The blossoms look like little yellow cotton balls. It would be a nice addition to my yard.

  5. The smell of the mimosa gives me headache; I leave it to you

  6. bergson: Wattle doesn't have a scent that I can discern - I think it's very different to your mimosa.

  7. And what comes instantly to my deranged mind?

    'This here's the Wattle the emblem of our land, you can stick it in a bottle, you can hold it in your hand, amen'

    It wouldn't surprise me if Monty Python were banned in Australia.

    I like the shot though Sally.

  8. LOL Wayne, I've never heard that. Lovely close up.

  9. Wattle is a great name. Makes you want to say it out loud, over & over. Wattle-wattle-wattle... I like mimosas a lot. Funny that they bloom this time of year (oh, yeah...) There are some mimosas in South Coast Botanical Gardens - hmmm, I have a photo idea coming on for spring :)
    a 100-yr-old house WITH A NAME! How great is that?

  10. Oh I'm sneezing already achoo!!!! So beautiful and so reminds me of Western Qld where i grew up........ sneezing my head off every spring!