Friday, 26 September 2008

Longer lasting *censored*

On 7 July this year I brought you this billboard (left), many of which had appeared all over Sydney. It advertises a product designed to make male erections last longer.

Between then and now a group of complainants have been successful in having a ruling made by the Advertising Standards Bureau that they be removed. People complained on the grounds that they "sexualise children" and are "too confronting".
The offending word was "SEX" so the company ran a competition to see what could replace the offending word. Here's their answer.


  1. I like the "PEST MANAGEMENT" part of the sign below.

  2. I can't download all your page and the "new" word for sex is one photo that won't come down!!! Rats what is it??? We have these ads in Bris (plus on daytime radio) and I am totally against them. I am so not a prude but this is just too "in your face and tasteless!!!

  3. That bit about nasal delivery and the pest management sign below kind of give me the creeps. . .:-) Fun post. I bet the censored sign creates more interest in the ad than the first installment.

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