Sunday, 11 May 2008

What's foooty without a barbie?

There's a canteen and barbecue to run for the hungry spectators and to raise funds for the club (great steak sandwiches, sausages in a roll, hamburgers or chicken burgers for only $3.50)


  1. YUM! I can smell it from here!
    But Sally, I'm confused. They are cooking on a flat heated surface. Where's the fire and the sltted grill? Barbecue implies a way of cooking, not just a cook out. I bet these vendors have to meet health code standards of heating to a certain temperature, so they have a standard restaurant grill? I'm sure it's tasty regardless.
    Love the colors in the top pic.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  2. What is "footy"...the cook out looks yummy! I bet it smelled heavenly! We're about to put some steaks on the grill in a bit!

  3. Footy = football.

    Kim, a BBQ here is an appliance or an event - as well as a way of cooking. Most BBQs are gas gheated (which this one is) and can have flat or slatted surfaces, or indeed woks, smoking chambers, all sorts.

    Not sure about health regs. Amateur sporting clubs - very Do It Yourself. Probably very UNregulated!

  4. Mmmmm...burgers. And I love all the vibrant colors. I'll bet there's just as much action at the BBQ as there is on the field.

  5. Mmmmm yum. I often thought of the idea of opening a takeaway in the city with the sole items bbq food. I know i can never walk past a bbq outside harvey normal or any other shops

  6. Happy Mother's Day Sally. Is this what you were treated to?

  7. Ahhhh yeah... I remember those well... over here in the US... it isn't the same as home when you are watching the footy...