Thursday, 15 May 2008

In The Navy

Sydney Fleet Base, Woolloomooloo Bay


  1. We know it well. Gail & I stopped off there when we went on the big bus tour. We walked along the pier like walkway & went inside one of the buildings that had been turned into luxury flats.

  2. M.B's daughter lives in a spot that overlooks Woolloomooloo (I love that name - the 'loo' for short).
    Good shot, Sally.

  3. Nathalie in Avignon15 May, 2008 23:42

    Beautiful weather, it seems!

    I loved your "five ways to tell you are in Melbourne" series - I was impressed by the not so obvious ones (the weatherboards, bricks and level crossings, for example).

    The footy barbie was another great one!!

    Hope you are well. All signs of your previous health problems gone?

  4. PS - I'm in charge of watering the plants in your future courtyard this week. The little plants need to grow but that tiny courtyard is just charming!!! Looking fwd to seeing you there in June.