Friday, 9 May 2008

Five ways you can tell you are in Melbourne, not Sydney

Part Five: Trams, of course!

The most obvious saved for last.
Sydney's last tram ran in 1961. Lines had begun closing in 1939, line by line.
By contrast, Melbourne was sensible and reatined its tram network, a great form of public transport, which makes Melbourne easy to get around, particularly the inner and middle distance suburbs. Like most cities which have grown phenomenally in the past few decades, public transport has not kept pace with suburban sprawl.


  1. Fantastic series of posts!
    Many thanks

  2. We've got trams - well, one tram - the one from Central out to Pyrmont. Goes to really useful places like the Casino.

  3. I am thankful for you that at least one city there retained its rail network. All of our rail systems were removed in my lifetime. It was the dumbest thing man could have done but they did it anyway.

    Now there is some talk about putting some of what they tore out over the years back with new tracks and high speed trains. People are nuts.

  4. But Sydney does have a monorail. I've not been on it yet, but it's whizzed overhead as I've walked down Pitt (I think)Street & down to the harbour.

  5. I like all three different looking trams. Can they all run on every track?

  6. I can't believe that M.B hasn't been here yet. Will send him over tout de suite.

  7. Je suis ici !!!

    Sally, this is a fabulous collection of Melbourne trams.
    I particularly love the penitentiary version, #3, It makes one wonder if it has armed guards at the doors !!

    Jim; yes they can. They all run on the same gauge.
    I would suppose that they probably keep to dedicated routes, - but I'm not sure. Let's see if Sally can help us.

    Melbourne is currently renting five ALSTOM Citadis 302 trams from the French city of Mulhouse.
    It also has ALSTOM Citadis 202 - double articulated, 100% low floor trams, but I'm not sure how many.
    They are a very attractive looking tram, I think. The French city of Strasbourg runs the ALSTOM Citadis 403 - which has seven sections, with a modified end bogie design.
    Naturally such a long tram would scare Melbourne-ites !!!

  8. ,,, that should read, 'photo #2'....

  9. Will have a look out for it M Benaut - back in Melb for Mon/Tue this week.

    BTW, lol@Ann - call that a TRAM! Maybe when we get a network.

    As for that useless monorail - pffffffft !

  10. Mmmm, yes strangely enough we love both Melbourne and Sydney... why you wonder when people perpetuate the supposed 'rivalry between the two cities. Both are uniquely different and have their own 'feel' and 'culture', love them or hate them!